Here you will find exclusive art for you and yours we want you to feel the Mexican essence, and enjoy a journey of traditions, color, and learn the story behind each piece. Made with love, creativity, quality and dedication by the hands of our artists and indigenous ethnic groups of Mexico.

Arte es Mexico was born in 2020 by Monica Arteaga, an idea that arises from the love and pride of Mexican culture and the need to share its art and essence with the world.

Our value and strength
Give you the best service with excellence and deliver the best quality in crafts and exclusive art. “Our purpose will always be the satisfaction of our consumers to keep customers for life”

Our mission
take our art to the whole world and thereby support artisans where they continue to maintain their traditions and well-being for their communities and artists bring their art and be recognized for their great work and creativity.

Here you will find exclusive art for you, and for yours, we have a wholesale system for stores, ask us and we will make a business plan for you with incredible products.

“Just for you in art is Mexico”

Monica was born in Morelia, Michoacan, she has a beautiful and talented daughter named Miranda and her husband Richard! Mónica worked in Mexico for 20 years leading sales for a construction manufacturing company FIXOL, “in 2019 I moved to the United States and started creating very Mexican accessories and inventing new techniques so that my daughter and I could have activities. together and when we managed to sell our first pieces it was wonderful! She was also emotional that I always wanted my daughter to learn the beautiful world of sales and maintain the love and culture for her country and that’s how the idea of ​​creating art is Mexico arose, together we started this business! She is my great partner! Later we created artist cooperatives throughout Mexico to support Mexican art where each piece is unique and we continue creating! the great adventure with my daughter.

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